Covid 19 Viewing Policy

Estate agents have been advised that viewings and other activities associated with home moving can continue throughout the January / February Lockdown. Whilst the market is open for business our Covid restrictions and policy still apply.


Please adhere to local travel restrictions.

Please bear in mind that some sellers may have chosen not to accept viewings at this time. We ask that you respect their wishes at this time.

In person viewings can take place under the following conditions:

  • The viewer has viewed all the marketing information including all photographs, floorplans, room measurements, location marker and the entire walkthrough video - if there is one. This must happen before the in-person viewing is arranged.
  • The viewer must have answered "No" to the questions relating to Covid below.
  • Only 2 people ( this includes children) from the same household can view.
  •  Viewing appointments must be restricted to 30 minutes.
  • All viewers must wear a mask.
  • Viewers must use hand sanitiser before and after the viewing. Gloves are not required.
  • Sellers are asked to keep all internal doors open to ensure a contactless viewing.
  • Any post viewing comments and follow up questions are to be made via the Habitats platform.

Before proceeding with any viewings please confirm none of these statements apply to you, if they do please do not carry out the viewing.

  • Are you, or any person in your household currently self isolating due to Covid 19?
  • Are you, or any person in your household showing any symptoms related to Covid 19?
  • Have you, or any person in your household recovered from Covid 19?
  • Have you, or any person in your household been advised by the NHS that you are classed as a vulnerable person?
  • Are you classed as an essential worker?

Get in touch

Feel free to email us with any question or queries you may have.

We thank you for your patience and cooperation with keeping everyone safe as we do all we can to stop the spread of the virus.